730 Click Presents Jak Boyz In The Hood Vol. 1 (2006)

CD#1: Metro West
Free Strong Arm (Freestyle)
Dirtee Red Checks In
D.I.R.T.Y. Remix
Where the Cash At? (Freestyle)
Soup (DunkRyders) Checks In
What the Play (Freestyle)
On The Run
Jakboys in the Hood (Freestyle)
I Miss My Homeys
25 to Life (Freestyle)
Jakboy Anthem
Watch This (Freestyle)
I’m Tired (Freestyle)
We Gonna Ride
Where the Killaz At
Don’t Get Shot (Freestyle)
Finish That
Mr. Cookieman
What It Do
For The Streets (305’s in the Air)
187 On The Track (Freestyle)
D-Cell Checks In
Neck of My Woods (Freestyle)
LOS Calls
Bang In The Club (Get Back)
On The Run
Been There Done That (Freestyle)
Soup (DunkRyders) Checks In
Got Bricks?
Who U Run Wit (Skit)
Life’s A Bitch
Voice of The County Jail
I’m So Dade county
Dickie Suit 2
Rep My City (Freestyle)
Que Pasó?
U Ain’t Gangsta (Freestyle)
730/Gutta Fam (Freestyle)
J Shin (SouthBeat) Checks In
Bottom to the Top
Living The Life
Most Hated (Niggas wanna Know)
Everybody Knows I’m a Jakboy
Dirty Dade Los Checks In
Belle Belle
Nexto to Blow (Freestyle)
Be Easy (Freestyle)
Money on My Mind (Freestyle)
Give U What U Want
Turn Up The Radio
730 Got Gunz (Freestyle)
On The Run
The Man
Take a Trip Wit’ Me (Freestyle)
Pa’ Los Gangstas

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