Jamaican Riddims (2CD) (2000)


1.Hot Things Riddim (Version)
2.Ram Ram Riddim (Version)
3.Oh Carolina Riddim (Version)
4.Look Good Riddim (Version)
5.Dickie Riddim (Version)
6.Bam Bam Riddim (Version)
7.Loving Was A Crime Riddim (Version)
8.Bigger Boss Riddim (Version)
9.Acid Riddim (Version)
10.Air Jordan Riddim (Version)
11.Al Pasino Riddim (Version)
12.Carnival Riddim (Version)
13.Corduroy Riddim (Version)
14.Death In The Arena Riddim (Version)
15.Far East Riddim (Version)
16.Fireside Jam Riddim (Version)
17.Frog Riddim (Version)
18.Gallowas Riddim (Version)
19.Gangsters Anthem Riddim (Version)
20.God Alone Riddim (Version)
21.Honour Riddim (Version)
22.Hot Turkey Riddim (Version)
23.Mud Up Riddim (Version)
24.Pepperseed Riddim (Version)
25.Real Rock Riddim (Version)
26.Shank I Sheck Riddim (Version)
27.Traitor Riddim (Version)
28.Why Oh Why Riddim (Version)

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