Smoke The Herb (1995)

1.Bounty Killer – Smoke The Herb
2.Anthony Malvo & Josey Wales – Sensi
3.Sluggy Ranks & Tuffest – Weed Man
4.Wayne Wonder & Don Yute – Sensi Ride
5.Mikal Rose – Stalk Of Sensimilla
6.Beenie Man & Silver Cat – The Chronic
7.Jigsy King – Give Mi The Weed
8.Sanchez – Chronic
9.Capleton – Chalice
10.Turbo Belly – True Inspiration
11.Mighty Diamond & Fraggy Ranks – Chalice In A Circle
12.Everton Blender – Bring The Kuchie
13.Bajja Jedd – Ganja Smokin’
14.Red Dragon – Light My Spliff
15.Phillip Famous – Herb Vendor


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